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    Who We Are

    SpeechCraft (说匠) is a Shanghai-based Communications Training firm founded in the Summer of 2017. We provide communications programs, curriculum, and training to students, schools, and professionals. Our services include Debate, Public Speaking, Persuasive Writing, Research, Finance, and Corporate Communications training.


    The name SpeechCraft (说匠) is no accident. Our founding team fundamentally believes that communication is a craft that takes hard-work and persistence to perfect. We are a group of international educators and coaches obsessed with the art of communication. Through our lectures, workshops, and training programs, we are able to attract the best talent and help our partners clarify and deliver inspiring messages.

  • Why SpeechCraft?



    • Training is adapted to the specific needs of our clients
    • Coaches provide real-time feedback and assessment
    • Small class sizes



    • Expertise is in our company DNA
    • Students compete all over the world
    • Coaches have extensive professional training experience



    • Programs are constructed based on a linear progression model
    • Training covers speaking, thinking, problem-solving, reading, and writing
    • Foster Leadership, critical thinking, and argumentation skills



    • Understand, research and reflect on international events
    • Promote cross-cultural communication
    • Prepare students for leadership in  an increasingly globalized world
  • Programs

    Public Speaking

    Grade 4-12: Creative, Personal, Visual Tools, TED Talk, OO

    Public Speaking courses focus on elements of speech writing, research, organization, non-verbal communication, among other skills. We will take students through a comprehensive public speaking education, starting with personal and creative storytelling, and move towards incorporating visual tools, such as PPT, into their presentation. In the end, students will be able to confidently deliver public speeches in a variety of contexts.


    Grade 6-12: PF, WSDC, BP, LD, Policy

    Debate courses focus on elements of data analysis, argumentation, refutation, evidence comparison, and other important skills. Debate topics cover both theoretical and practical knowledge, giving students a well-rounded debate education. In today's ever-changing globalized world, it is especially valuable for students to think critically and understand others' perspectives. This is the true value of our debating course.

    Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

    Grade 6-12: College Preparation, Reading and Writing

    Reading and writing courses focus on developing students analytical reading and writing skills. We focus on various forms of texts, including journalism, creative writing, scientific writing, argumentative essays, and academic journal papers. Student's are taught to quickly identify the author's core ideas and arguments. Argumentative writing is now an important skill to succeed on SAT. Whether it is for today's academic needs or the employment needs of tomorrow, essay writing and critical reading skills will boost the student's chance of success.


    Grade 8-12: Case Competition, Pre-MBA

    Business courses use the case-study method to develop students analytical skills using business topics. We cover finance, using excel, marketing, strategy, business development, and corporate ethics. Students will also learn how to write a business plan, pitch to investors, and launch a venture. For young children, we also provide basic financial knowledge courses, including understanding the concept of currency and how to save money.

    College and Boarding School Application

    All Ages: Personal Statement, Essays, Interview, Mentorship

    We offer a range of services to families and students applying to foreign high schools, undergraduate colleges, and graduate programs. Services include application guidance, preparation for interviews, school selection, summer and winter camps, and essay guidance.

    Corporate Consulting

    Professionals: Presentations, Negotiation, Interview, Communications

    SpeechCraft provides training services for the corporate audience. Training services include business English, public speaking, negotiations, and copywriting.

  • Coaches

    Won Chian Lim


    Won graduated from Fudan University with a degree in Law. He has been a public speaking and debate coach for over 7 years. Additionally, he was a District 80 Toastmasters International champion, Guangdong International Debate Grand Finalist, and China Open Grand Finalist.


    He was the Deputy Chief Adjudicator at the 17th FLTRP Cup, Northeast Regional and the North East Asian Open (NEAO) in 2013. Won was a fellow at the 2013 Asia Debate Institute, Asia's largest college debate summer camp. He was the chief trainer at the China Debate Camp.


    Over the past two years, Won has coached high school students to multiple tournaments wins and national championships, including back to back CNSDC and the 2017 NSDA nationals.

    Jordan Blumenthal


    Jordan graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Political Science and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with an MBA. He has been coaching public speaking and debate for over 9 years. As a competitor, he reached the late elimination rounds of every national competition, including the NDCA, Stanford University, TOC, NDT, Harvard University, among others.


    Jordan has taught summer programs at Northwestern University, University of California at Berkeley, Harvard University, Asia Debate Association in Korea, and in multiple cities in China.


    In China, Jordan's teams have reached the elimination rounds at nearly every competition, including racking up an impressive set of individual and team awards.

    James Durkee


    Durkee graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Political Theory and the University of Georgia with a masters in Communications.


    Durkee has been coaching debate for over 14 years. As a competitor, he was the Washington State Champion in Policy Debate and a Quarter-Finalist at the Cross-Examination Debate Association (CEDA) tournament.


    Durkee has experience coaching across a wide variety of formats including Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas, Parliamentary Debate, and Public Speaking. Before coming to China, he taught university classes at the University of Georgia where he also coached their collegiate debate program.


    In China, Durkee started off as the head coach of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University (RDFZ), leading the team to back to back NSDA national championships. His teams have won competitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, and Shenzhen.

    Jeff Tsai


    Jeff graduated from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages with a major in English and a minor in International Relations. He has won numerous awards including the EFL Best Speaker of UADC, Champion of KIDA IV, and Finalist of East Asian Invitational. Amongst the regional IVs hosted in Taiwan, he has claimed three championship as well as three finalist titles.


    He is the acting Chair of the Taiwan Debate Union and the Head Coach of the Team Taiwan to World Schools Debating Championships. His judging experience includes serving on the adjudication core of Northeast Asian Open twice, EFL Grandfinal chair judge of UADC, and Novice Grandfinal judge of Asian Schools Debating Championships (ASDC).


    Jeff has coached the Novice Best Speaker of Asia World Schools Debating Championship (AWSDC), Champion and 4th Best Speaker of Formosa Debate Open, Champion of Wenzao IV, Finalist and Best Speaker of Taiwan Cicero National Policy Debate, and Finalist of Public Forum at NSDA Taiwan District Tournament.


    George Goh


    George gradued from Singapore Management University with a degree in Law and is a licensed lawyer. He is an experienced coach and adjudicator in the World Schools Debating, British Parliamentary, and Public Forum formats, having coached at more than ten local and international schools in Singapore and Shanghai.


    During his five years as Head Coach of Anglo-Chinese (International) School, his team went from being the bottom team of the lowest debating division to Overall Champions of the 2nd highest division in Singapore’s middle school debating national tournament.


    George was also a breaking judge at Shanghai International Debate Open 2017 and the 20th FLTRP Cup where he was the Chair for the Semi-Finals round.


    In China, the students that George taught clinched the 2017 NSDA Championship, 2017 NHSDLC runner-up, closed-out the Suzhou Debate Open 2017 Semi-Finals and broke at Shanghai International Debate Open 2017 with teams breaking in Quarterfinals.

    Benjamin Breaux


    Coach Ben graduated from Northwest Florida State College with a Bachelors in Science of Education. He continued on to study technical theatre and public speaking at Bunker Hill College in Boston Massachusetts. He has been a public speaking coach for 9 years. He was a chairperson on the board of the Boston Toastmasters, leading the training of multiple national award winners. He is also a co-author of the Toastmaster’s Competent Communication Manual (CCM).


    Additionally, Ben has served as director of award-winning productions, including Hedwig and The Angry Inch (Director - Town & Gown Players Athens GA - 50 Years of Broadway with Youth on Fire, Boston MA), Seussical (Creative Director - Bunker Hill College, Boston MA) and Blue Man Group (Creative Director - Charles Playhouse, Boston MA)


    During his time in China, Ben has worked closely with NSDA China to bring the love of speech and debate to Chinese students. He has coached speech competitors that have gone on to win multiple NSDA competitions both in China and abroad.

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